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murph, inbreds, endearing request

what's up with chris murphy performing solo? roderick told me chris 
is opening for the preppy relatives at their tape release in february, 
with either rob benvie or joel plaskett, or something like that.

also, you can reach the the inbreds at <kombinet\!/limestone.kosone.com>
if you want to ask them questions. :)

and finally, (no sloan net content here) blair from endearing records has 
asked me to ask people on sloan net to please email him with any 
names/ph. numbers for good promoters and bands to play with in ontario 
or quebec. two winnipeg bands, the bonaduces and cheerleader, are planning 
a tour for april/may. also, anyone who is very cool with the idea of 
having people stay at their place or know someone who would let people
sleep at their house, please contact them as well. 

you can reach them at endearing account (endear\!/mbnet.mb.ca), or call 
either dan (204-942-4125) or doug & mike (204-452-3210) if you want to 
talk to them. :)

you can usually swindle your way onto a guest list and sometimes get free 
merch for letting someone sleep on your floor, or at the least, make some 
new pals.

please respond to blair at the endearing email address or if you lose 
this message but want to respond to it, email me privately and i can 
forward it to him. do not post suggestions to sloan net. thanks very 
much. and play nicely.