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Here come the Newfies.....


   It's unfortunate that the only time we see a high Newf. content on the 
Sloan-net these days is when we feel the need to defend ourselves.  I've 
been pretty out of touch these past couple of months and did not know 
that there were no Newfoundland bands picked in the first run until about 
an our ago.  Last night myself and some friends were talking about what a 
bad opinion people of the Newfoundland scene (especially in Halifax, it 
seems.)  This isn't an accusation of any kind but it has been proved true 
on many occasions (and still continues....).  I have my own problems with 
the Newfoundland scene (but I won't go into that anymore, i've covered 
all the ground I can in that area and have changed my tune a little since 
then ;)  )  but it really amazes me what a strange view alot of people 
have (note : I said alot, not all.....).  There's no malice or anger in 
this post, I just don't quite understand where this attitude stems from....
   Gotta go, but i'll post again to make my post a little clearer, 
because the situation isn't that cut-and-dried......