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Re: questions.....

>     I don't think I've ever seen a post from you here!!!
>     Well I shall be blunt....do you  think you and matt will 
> *EVER* get together...I mean how long is all this gonna go on!!!
> He's driving me nuts...One minute he's over you the next he's after 
> you!!  AAAAHHHH!!!!!!  Anyway, Must be off before matt catches me 
> writing to you...like he did the last time!!
>     Deryl        

Dear Deryl,
                   I think it's time for you to sit back, relax and 
think twice before you write or post anything to this list.
You made yourselves a little rep that you like to feed with 
irrelevant posts, followed by whinning post about how much you are such a 
bady baddy boy and how much you are sorry for being such a prick.
Deryl, being an asshole is an artform that not everybody grasp the 
essence. Obviously, you don't.  You're just being an asshole asshole.
To understand what i mean maybe a compareason(sp?). Oasis = assholes, 
but when Blur try to do the same thing they are just being asshole 
assholes aka dicks. To be a true asshole you gotta have some of the 
psychopath, not the psycho (check the dict to find the true 
difference). You, my dear, are way too emotional and a lack of 
wittyness is way too apparent. I think you should keep a low profil 
and check out the pros from the balcony for awhile. 
sugestion: sick-n-tired-l and their beloved Seth Sander and Samson. 
You might find there a little bit of something that could remotly 
ressemble to a guide, a leader, an inspiration of some sort.  if you crave
being hated by people, at least do it with style (du panache quoi!). 
At the same time ask your cum lab assistant to teach you how to modify 
the replied addresses so that the next time you read from someone on 
some list and that you feel that a personnal reply to his/her message would 
be more proper, you'ld be able to send it directly and only to her/him.
Just like Jesus said to his apostle Simon-Pierre: " role your tongue 
se7en time se7en before you open the mouth". Just take your time, i'm 
sure you can be quite a funny and entertaining guy. Dogonit  a guy 
people want to hang with! But for the best of both of us just take 
your time before you type.
Yours truly,