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Re: the thrown thing

> oh no....TOO LATE....it's never too late to change.  what i think would 
> be really hardcore would be for a band to change their name for every 
> show and every album to avoid sellin out and gaining a poseur following.  
> geez, ian mackaye would be so proud.

HEY!! that was the concept of my band when i use to live in Quebec 
City. We had a different name for practically every single show. 
We were pretty hardcore i guess, or should i say Emo-core, 
considering. ho well... We lasted 4 years and went nowhere. Having 
multiple band names helps you to get to nowhere, beleived me.

Re: Thrown

I think you should change the name to a four letter one. Four letter 
band names is the way to go! think of Gene, Cast, Pulp, Blur, etc...
The things you can do for merchandizing are endless. My personnal 
favorite would be a rip off of the Kids movie poster with the faces 
of the four members of the band in each corner --you have four member
don't you? If not kick someone out of the bands fast. being not four is 
uncool. you'll get nowhere. you won't sell out.-- thrue colors filter 
letting the true picture show only through the uncolored four letters 
of the band names(example shown later). This is what i think.

      GGG         I           EEEEE
    G                I           E
   G      GG      I           EEE
    G      G        I          E
      GGG         I          EEEEE
         A            I           RRR
       A   A         I           R     R
      A  A  A       I           R   R
     A         A     I           R     R
    A            A   I           R      R