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End of another musical chapter..

I know most people on this list don't give a flying fig newton, but
Entrafis, after 6 years, has officially broken up and it doesn't look like
they will ever get back together.  So, why feel sad for the breakup of a
death metal band who hasn't gigged for a year and half (they decided to
blow off this Saturday's show with Voivod)? Well, 'cause they were all
incredibly talented musicians, who stuck to their guns and did what they
did best, despite the unpopularity of it all.

So, Halifax loses one of its most technically proficient drummers to
Toronto, and we also lose an equally learned bassist to Japan.  They
figured after 6 years, they cannot make a serious go of it here on the East
Coast.  I find it sad, considering how hardworking the band was, and what
great reviews their demos were given.


"drawn like moths we drift into the city, the timeless old attractions...."