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Re: EZ 2 Play Tim Robbins

Helen wrote:
> experience, do they have anything else out? or is it just thrush hermit's
> just-for-fun band? I'd luv to get other TRE stuff if any exist..

Ok, here's what I know, TRE has a song on the NORecords, NOClass tape, I 
don't know the name but I bet it has something to do with "Baby Tonite"
It's "all that" and I betcha Waye could provide you with this tape of all 
high school bands, it's pretty cool.

Trying to Scam a ride to PEI, 

Oh, any of you kind folks headed over to PEIsland for the Ecma's?.. I 
have been toying with the idea of heading over and have had NO luck 
hooking up a ride... I'll even make peanutbutter & jelly sandwiches for 
the trip, maybe.. ;|