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some shit...

1) messages that say "this thread sucks" but offer no alternatives are 
crap.  if you have nothing constructive to offer, don't whine.  it's 
simply unbecoming.  you know who you are, stop wasting my time.

2) sloan net lurkers, mucheasters, misunderstood pranksters, and 
all-around debonaire swingers len are doing a RealTime session.  I have 
never heard this radio show, but it seems to be a sloan net fave, so i 
thought you might be interested.  apparantly, resaletime are playing some 
len rarity this saturday, fans be forewarned, detractors be prepared.

3) i guess that every year the same arguments about the ECMAs pop up, you 
know, about how they don't represent the "alternative" community 
properly, or whatever, and how they're a sham, but my angle is, hey, look 
at the friggin' grammys, junos, casbys, oscars, or any other industry 
award ceremony.  how on earth does a so-called "alternative" act justify 
seeking accolades from te very industry it presents itself as an 
alternative to?  OF COURSE the ECMAs are going to a misrepresentation of 
the non-mainstream community and let's be thankful for it, it's a bunch 
of movers and shakers judging a scene they have no understanding of or 
connection to.  colin mackenzie's efforts this year are beyond 
commendable, but i find myself asking "what's the point?"  why bother 
seeking validation from a bunch of people who don't care about your 
scene?  what is the need to judge "who's best" or whatever, i mean, wow, 
who really cares -  i thought it was about community.  so in the words of 
the mighty kids in the hall: "screw you taxpayer!"

4) deryl, matt et al., sloan net is not the forum for you to air the 
dirty laundry of your personal life.  try to show some judgement.

5) chris t., yan r. and margie b. win props for coolest sloan net 
denizens of the week.  is there an award for that at the ECMAs?

6) the motes are back in action, they have apparantly recorded the beds 
for about nine or ten new songs, they are working on putting it all 
together.  jon hut reports that it has a "mellower, folkier, country feel 
like a six-pack of bud and a menthol cigarette."  rumour has it that jon 
is going to start up a new project referred to as "the jon hut band" for 
now.  for a taste of his lunacy outside of the motes, check out one of 
his two official ant releases, or the freakish "i am terror" from the 
classic "watering hole frequency" ant comp.  ant records can be reached 
at "ant\!/atcon.com"

7) rumour has it that gordon isnor is out of hiding and is playing in 
early february at bob and lori's on gottigen with chris murphy and matt 
grimson (sp?) in a little acoustic show.  state champion kenny gretz may 
also appear, if he's feeling better.

8) if your band name, album title, or song names contain the words 
"sugar" "candy" "super" or "star," chances are you're from ontario and 
you suck.  but that's just me... 

9) i like len.

10) anyone know when the new pie record comes out or where i can order it 
from?  does anyone know who carries top hat records?  i think that 
they're from new york, but pie are from boston ... help!  pa luv, mon.

enuff z'nuff