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Re: the thrown thing

egreenan\!/cycor.ca (The Greenans) laughed:

}Rhymes With Bagina :) ha ha

Yeah, but the real joke is for the band to pronounce it bagg-inn-
uhh.  Because if they don't some idiot journalist will make the 
mistake.  Count on it.

Frankly, I prefer Rhymes With Elephant...

Or let's go out on a limb and just call the band Vulva.  Then you 
can rip off automobile logos for your t-shirts.

I'm Audi here <groan>

PS Chris Trowbridge really is a stupid c*nt. :)

PPS so MikeC doesn't yell at me for asking to kill a thread without 
starting a new one, I'll repeat an old question which nobody 


Are there any good underage bands in Halifax?  For that matter, are 
there any underage Haligonians on Sloannet?  If not, why not?  There 
are enough underagers on the list who live elsewhere.  There are 
enough underagers in Halifax who like indie rock.

When's a good night at Cafe Ole?

Does St. Pat's ever have gigs anymore?  Those Envirogigs years back 
were some of my fondest memories of alternarock in Haligon.

Hey, there's a band name for ya... "Alternarock in Haligon"