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Re: questions.....

Jeremy wrote
>2. who does the present music for "street cents" and who has done it in 
>the past? name that band.....
Thrush Hermit did the opening song a while back.  Last year the opening song
was by Len and they played parts of other Len songs through to show.  Did
Hip Club Groove do somthing to, or am I just making that up.
I don't know who does the theme song this year but to me it really sounds
like one of the Bettie Seveert songs off of Palomine which is weird. 

>p.s.  heard "purple blue" at at a listening post in fred's records and 
>thought "eyes shut" sucked hole, "alone & annoyed"(what a bad title) had 
>a really cool "riff" and is an all round good song, and "spaceship 
>opening" sounds like a beer commercial, in a good kind of way.
I havn't said anything about pruple blue yet.  It rocks, eyes shut is one of
my fav's along with lighthouse, spaceship and now a friend(love the double
bass drum).  Soon coming closer(i think or something like that) is great as


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