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Re: simple question...

just for your info on the NFL thing..hardly any NFL bands applied to 
showcase this year, if you do not apply it is very hard to know what 
"talent" is out there.
You know that old saying about the mouse trap, and advertising.

This not applying thing is the biggest problem with the ECMA's and the 
non traditional music scene, no one knows about the ECMAs so no one 
applies, and the people who sit on the board from NFL perhaps have never 
heard of the "cool" bands and so have no idea who to suggest when the 
question comes up.
I think the ECMAs are trying to bring traditional and non traditional 
camps together but it is a long hard road... plus in some  cases the no 
cases are a cooler place to play anyway.
and one more thing...if all you are going to do is complain about the 
ECMAs nothing will change, if it is that important to 'yall then, join up 
and cast votes and stuff...
most of the ECMA process is by membership vote join up and kick up some 

Unfortunately most of  the folks in the "alternative" community do not 
give a flying fuck about the ECMAs, except when they do not get in.