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Re: simple question...

Once again, the maritime,  newf and general Canadian mentality comes to 
the fore, and this year, as every year, a whole lot of people are 
screaming "They didn't book the good bands, they only booked 
'fax/muder/crappy/sappy bands"  They fucked up the nominations, they 
jimmied the awards.

Ladies and gentlemen,  THEY is US.

Anyone who is in a band has to APPLY to get a SHOWCASE or even a NOCASE.  
If your in a band, you've got to get off your butt, be a member of the 
Music Industry Assn. of NS (or local equiv), spend the big $15.00 and 
join the ECM Assn., be informed and be involved.  That is, if you care 
enough about the ECMAs to bother! 

I personally think the ECMAs are a bunch of horseshit and that despite an 
increasing amount of attention paid by cool and hardworking folks (Colin 
MacKenzie being alternative martyr #1 for the ECMA cause this year), 
well  I think no matter how much work we put in the ECMAs are always 
going to eb backwater, provincial, boring and not totally representative.

Also, the voting pool for ECMA is the membership, which last time I 
checked was between 150-200 people, despite colin et all trying to sign 
up everyone on in the Cin/Murder collective.  So that means yer 
alternative voters are from Cin/Murder, and the rest are "trad" or celtic 
types.  Guess what, that means Superfriendz are a lock on the alternative 
award, because the celtic types will vote for the most country sound 
band, every time.

But I really do think we all need to be aware that, just like Much East, 
yer not going to qualify for showcases or awards if you don't have a CD 
out nationally, and some kind of profile outside your home town.

Bottem line is, if you want to be in the ECMA family, get off yer tuckis 
and join!  Or, be like me and go for the free beer....  I figure after 
the Sloan fiasco of a few years back that the rest of the world doesn't 
give two shits about ECMA anymore, or at least, the none trad/celtic world.


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