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EZ 2 Play Tim Robbins

Like, hello, why didn't anyone tell me that The Tim Robbins Experience
track on the bubblegun compilation is SO AMAZING?!? i think its easily
the best track on the cd... well in any case i figured out most of the
guitar and bass for it and had to post it because i guess i'm proud of
myself. notice how all of my lines have ended at the same place so far

Verse bassline (guitar plays the same thing during most of the
non-singing parts, u can hear when the guitar drops out)

A ---------------------
E -0-7-5-7-0-12-0-10-0-

Chorus on guitar (the bass just plays a note which is the same as the
lowest note played on the guitar i'm pretty sure)

G -7-          ---           ---           ---
D -7- 8 strums,-8- 8 strums, -3- 8 strums, -7- 8 strums
A -5-          -8-           -3-           -7-
E ---          -6-           -1-           -5-
  D5           A#5           F5            A5

The bridge, i cannot figure out what the bass plays here! when it's
the bass' turn i the closest i can figure is somethign like

A -------2-3-
E -3-5-5-----

And at the guitar's turn its (for sure)

G  7-5-------
D -----7-6-5-
E -----------

Followed by a C chord (i can hear some sound before that sounds like a
semi-tone lower i THINK but i can't quite figure out what it is)

D -10--10-
A -10--10-
E -8---8--

And there you go pretty much how play it... i'd love to cover it, the
words are easy to figure out as well.