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Re: sunday's show

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, DAVID POUND wrote:

> Fastest drumming I've ever seen at the Birdland. 

you think scarce is fast?! next week: VOIVOD!  whoo hoo!

> Strangest thing I've heard this week - Al Tuck is talking to Weasel Faced Judge
> about being his backing band for awhile. I actual heard this from the guys in
> the band. What a weird combo that will be.

i think al asks a lot of people to be in his backing band, for the most 
part nothing ever comes of it.  i know at least two or three people who 
al has talked to and said that he would like to play with who have never 
heard from him again.  

> p.s.  Does anyone know if J. Masters are still together. I heard them mentioned 
> on the list awhile ago, but I never see them play locally?

ok here goes nothin':
aimless mk. 1: kelsey parker, jason amey, chris mueller, jes macgillivray
	*led to*
aimless mk. 2: kelsey parker, jason amey, john rowe, mike jackson
	*around the same time they broke up you had*
chaz rules: wayne macpherson, dave peirce, melanie rusinak
	*some time after they broke up you got*
thruster mk.1: kelsey parker, mike jackson, jay meyers, some other guy
j. masters quartet: jason amey, chris mueller, jess macg., wayne macp.
	*then jason amey moved to england and mike and kelsey got into a 
	feud onstage so we are currently left with*
thruster mk. 2: john rowe, mike jackson, jason meyers, some other guy
unammed band (iron egg?): wayne macp., jess macg., chris mueller, dave peirce
	*but, jess macg. is currently in nwfld working on a movie, so 
	they haven't been playing much, and no one's heard much form thruster 
	these days, but i hear chris murphy is recording their new cd.*

i hope this helps.