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eric's trip's glorious third


On the subject of the new et album, I just wanted to say that I think 'Eye's
Shut' is a great tune!  It's got all the urgency that blinded had, but it's
in a convient little ditty package.  The thing I had always liked about ET
is the fact that I could hum (or sob) along with them, and Eye's Shut is
such a hummable tune.  
About the last song on Purple Blue:  It's kind of neat how it's called
Beach, and that that ending of Forever Again seems to me to be the sounds of
a beach.
I wish it was possible to get a hold of the lyrics to the song "Spaceship
Opening."  I can catch the end of it (about him being returned to earth
after the 'ordeal').
The only problem I have with Purple Blue is the song Lighthouse, not that I
don't like it, it's just that I heard a live version, and the live version
seemed much better.  I still think the ultimate treat would be a well
recorded ET live full length album!

Now for some questions.  This is a stupid question, but does anybody know
what it says on the top corner of the picture inside of Peter (I forget
which corner). A while ago when I used to mail order stuff from Julie
(before Sappy was 'officially' a label) and I asked her (psycho fan or
what!), and she said that she forgot what they had wrote.
And, any suggestions for what the song 'my bed is red' is about?
Last topic - maybe I'm taking this wrong but Love Tara was referring to
their friend Tara, than Rick and Julie broke up, and Rick and Tara started
to see each other!  How ironic!  I think that all this personal stuff gets
crazy though, and that's one of the reasons I love Purple Blue.  They've
made an album that's not filled with personal info, outpourings of the heart
and anguish (at least not as much as the others), and it's still a great
release.  Or maybe it is, and they've done a good job of masking the lyrics.
Long live ET!


By the way, thanks Tara for all the interesting ET info!