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Re: Purple Blue on vinyl

purple blue is available in Canada on CD, cassette and LP, sorry no 8 track
There's also a free Eric's Trip button for you when you buy it on vinyl.
CD and Cassettes are distributed by Warner
vinyl is distributed by Sub Pop Canada
if stores in your area don't have it on vinyl and they do carry vinyl give
me their number!!!
that's it for today

PS: Sub Pop mailorder has it on CD and vinyl

At 18:25 96/01/20 -0600, Cory J. Boehm wrote:
>Tara Lee Wittchen writes:
>> > PS re ET's purple blue...plans to release on vinyl? 
>> rick says he owns the album on CD and LP, so one might assume it's 
>> available on vinyl, too. :) :)
>this bring up somewhat of an intresting point, I don't know if the Warner 
>releases (ie Purple Blue) get released on casette but I know most of the 
>releases that were coming out in the fall on Sub Pop were only being 
>released to CD and vinyl.
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