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RE: my two cents on _purple blue_/eric's

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
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Subject:  RE: my two cents on _purple blue_/eric's trip
Date: 1996-01-22 10:38
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jamesy c wrote:

>i'm pretty sure that "girlfriend" on
>_forever again_ is a rick song.  isn't
>there a video for it (that i've never
>seen) featuring rick chasing tara through
>the woods or something?

there is a video for it, but i was told that much music never recieved it 
and it's sitting in seattle at sub pop.. (note:  this info is from 
mid-november, so much music *may* have it now..)

where's the cheapest place to buy a copy of _purple blue_ in ottawa??  (not 
like i can afford it, but, y'know, just in case....)

               ...sizzle teen