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        Just a switch of gears for this post.  As some of you may 
know, I watch Mucheast every week in hopes that something good will 
come on.  Well last night was well worth it.  It was nice to see 
Laura Smith on but Rebecca West's plans for a new EP was great.  I 
hope that they are able to release it.
        But it was the interview with John from BLACKPOOL that turned 
my crank.  It's great that Mucheast finally gave credit to this band 
for having a special place in the HAlifax scene.  
        I was also impressed with my main man Chris Murphy's hair on 
that video that they played.  He was down with that man.  I think he 
should return to those stylish wavy curls.  
        Well...maybe not.  That video caused me to look at my 
hairstyle from five years ago...YIKES!!!...tres hideous.
        I was also impressed that they posted CIMN's top 
five...finally.  I just can't wait till Mike starts talking about the 
ECMA's in detail.  Let's go Campbell, it's 4th and long with twenty 
seconds to go.
        Matt, wasting email space.