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Eric's Trip hinterland - who's who

hey kids

for those who really care who wrote what songs, i asked rick. i only did 
the albums and EPs because well, if you start getting into singles and 
compilation tracks....it would have taken ANOTHER hour. :)

sometimes he told little anecdotes about the songs while we ran through 
the list and i've included some of them for your reading pleasure. :)

	_peter_ EP

"need" - rick
"listen" - rick
"tangles" - julie, rick, and chris
"haze" - rick
"happens all the time" - rick  *he wrote this song and it's all about 
how mean julie is and he's putting julie down through the whole song...
and then julie goes and sings it, so really, she's singing about herself.
"deeper" - rick

	_love tara_

"behind the garage" - rick
"anytime you want" - rick
"stove" - rick
"follow" - rick and chris
"secret for julie" - julie
"belly" - rick
"sunlight" - rick
"june" - rick
"to know them" - chris
"spring" - rick and julie *note julie plays guitar for this track and 
chris plays bass, the arrangement the band used to have when they 
recorded their first four cassettes
"frame" - chris
"may 11" - rick
"my room" - rick
"blinded" - rick and julie  *julie sang this song all crouched down in a 
corner when they recorded it, like the same sort of method alice cooper 
once used, when he had chairs and tables piled up on him while he sang so 
he could really get into the feel of the song...pain pain pain....
"allergic to love" rick *recorded in rick's mom's "perfect" living room 
 *at the end of this record, it's julie talking to tara on the phone

	_songs about chris_ EP

"hurt" - rick and chris
"sloan song" - rick wrote this song about chris listening to "take it in"
and chris going through an off again/on again romance and feeling that 
the song "take it in" (duh, the sloan song...) was describing exactly how 
he felt
"listen" - rick
"dinosaurs" - chris
"mirror" - rick
"sand" - rick *a drug song, just like stove. :)

	_the gordon street haunting_ EP
(this EP is basically about the breakup of julie and rick. rick and julie 
met and started playing neil young songs together and that sort of thing. 
then they formed a band with chris and ed, eric's trip. they hung out so 
much and started dating. they didn't always get along as well as they 
should have, they were better off as friends "like guy friends, pals", 
but they were pretty scared about breaking up, because it might have 
threatened the band and they really loved being in the band together and 
playing together. but they finally got their stuff together and broke up 
for good and are friends and the band is still alive. rick says for 
people who talk about the inevitable breakup of eric's trip, to just take 
it day by day, like they do. and besides, even if eric's trip isn't 
around, there will still be good music coming from the four of them in 
various forms, so don't worry. this has been a soap opera moment.)

"i'm so near here" - rick
"lightly feeling" - rick
"nevergrow" - chris
"departure song" - rick
"your always right" - rick

*note - "smoke" was supposed to be on the gordon street haunting, and it 
does have the same sort of feeling to it ("smoke" is from the sonic unyon 
7'' "the road south" )

	_forever again_ 

"new love" - rick *he says he was inspired by a purple knight version of 
a nazareth song...for the double bass drum sound
"this way out" - rick
"girlfriend" - rick
"always there" - chris
"stupidest thing" - chris
"december 93" - rick
"thoroughly" - rick
"my bed is red" - rick
"view master" - rick
"cloudy" - rick
"my chest is empty" - rick  *mark and rick almost got arrested for doing 
the drum tracks outside in the middle of the night and you can hear the 
birds cause they came through the drum mics
"run away" - chris
"waiting all day" - rick
"let go" - mark
"hate song" - rick
"feeling around" - chris
"forever again" - rick  *if you listen to this song with a bit of 
attention, you'll notice a banging noise near the last half of the song, 
you keep hearing a banging noise. that noise is tara, throwing rocks at 
the door or window of the house, because she had been locked out. chris 
and rick were recording it together and didn't hear her until they 
stopped playing and then they heard it on the tape and decided they *had* 
to put that version on the record...it is kinda freaky spooky whatever if 
you consider what the song and album deals with.

   	_purple blue_

"introduction into the..."
 * "hurt II" - chris
 * "grammy" (not the award, as in gramma) - julie
 * "rib bones" (whoops...that's what i meant... :) )  - rick
 * "purple blue" - mark
"hourly" - rick
"sixteen hours" - rick
"universe" -rick
"eyes shut" - julie
"alone and annoyed" - chris
"lighthouse" - rick  * "i don't even know what that song means yet. i'm 
still trying to figure out what the words mean...." -rick
"spaceship" - rick
"one floor below" - rick
"universal dawn" - chris  *written about the woman chris is dating, dawn.
"soon coming closer" - julie

and the last three songs on the record, rick wrote. i apologize for not 
knowing their names off hand and for maybe mixing up the order of the 
songs listed above. warner records has given cjsw and vox ONE cassette 
to share between reviewer/interviewer. nice job. anyway, elizabeth gets 
the cassette this week. it's like joint custody.

have a good week, i hope these satisfies the curious minds of those 
eric's trip fans out there. read the online version of vox for the rest 
of the eric's trip/rick white story in another few weeks.