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REAL Murderscene info.

i wouldnt normally post this to waste the time of 
people that dont want to know, but there was an error
made by my coeditor type guy -AL
which was sent to the whole group instead of a few who asked...

Issue #1 of murderscene is really only $2.00 ppd  not 3,jeez
Issue #2 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""" $3.00 ppd
OR you can buy both in one shot for a mere $4.00   not 5

you can email me for more info at; charron\!/cnwl.igs.net
>or just send the money to me at;
joey charron
RR#3 Ingleside
Ingleside, ON
k0c 1m0
or that little al guy at:1485 holy cross blvd
                         >cornwall ontario
                         >k6h 2w9 canada.
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