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Hello uh ok

1st it looks like i'm the only person here who actually LIKES eyes

2nd that big debate about the shirt jay is wearing if it is a grey local
rabbits shirt i got that shirt at the grunge that stole x-mas 2 x-mas's
ago and it really is the ugliest thing :)

3rd my little band Novacain is almost done recording a 4-track demo
which will also be sold at shows and maybe some stores that accept indie
stuff if i figure out how to do it. if anyone here is interested well
e-mail me... its gonna be 10 songs (maybe more i'm not sure) and i think
5 bucks but hmmm well just e-mail me :)

4th R many sloanneters going to the feb 24th lee's palace show (all
ages) with all those amazing bands? if so we can try to have a little
get-together again hmmm

5th No, that's it.