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"eyes shut"

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996 novacain\!/canada.com wrote:

> 1st it looks like i'm the only person here who actually LIKES eyes
> shut???

"eyes shut" is probably my favorite song on _purple blue_, which might be 
odd, cause i didn't like "blinded" a lot. but i've noticed that some 
people who always dug "blinded" really don't like "eyes shut" all that 
much. i find "eyes shut" to be desperate, frustrated, sick n' tired, 
anxious, depressed, angry in a small way, all of this and more, and for 
some reason, it was the easiest song to connect to upon first hearing the 
album. the repetiveness of the lyrics, the hurried way julie sings the 
song, the reckless speed (in terms of yer average pop song) in which it 
is executed give it this overall feeling of desperation that i find 
really, um, pleasing, for lack of a better word.

julie rocks.