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Re: Andrew is gone

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996, Shant Pelley wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Jan 1996, rwhite wrote:
> > Apparently Sloan is no longer recording with Andrew.  Sloan is in the studio
> > now, but Chris is doing all the drum tracks.  I don't know if they kicked
> > Andrew out or not,  but Sloan isn't recording with him at the moment.
> i thought this was happening all along. i just figured that it would make 
> it easier to get around their leaving geffen if they were "another" band, 
> and certainly not a band called sloan who had a drummer named andrew. i 
> thought andrew had nothing to do with the new chris/jay/patrick 
> recordings.
> i guess so. wow...it's almost kearney lake rd. ;) now if only patrick 
> changed his name to henri.....
> cheers! 
> shant:)

wrongo bongo.  andrew is on the new recordings.

henri sangalang is in a GREAT new band whose name i don't know, but it's 
henri , chris "money" muller from the jon masters quartet, and some 
really tall, skinny guy named andrew who looks like he should be in 
oasis.  very pop, very good.

they did some 4-track recordings, i don't know if they'll see the light 
of day.


ps - mars we love you drummers: paul aucoin, chris murphy, joel plaskett, 
some crazy hippie guy, i think that idris guy from kudzu, graham 
macdougall and me.  that's 7.