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tre/plumtree/inbreds-last night at birdland

Just a quick summary of last night...
Allyson & the sunbeams (the 2nd version of the new hardship post) were replaced
at the last minute by the Tim Robbins Experience who did the essentially the
same set, in different order & with a few altered lyrics (lots o birdland & 
alcohol references... tho "hididdleydee its the ocean life for me" remained 
annoyingly intact despite ian's cold:) as at the state champs show a 
couple of wks ago which was discussed in detail so... 
 Plumtree were accompanied by sloannet gawwwd (& I say that backed by 
colured flashing lights ie tre above) yan with his ph/fat bass sound & 
quirky stage presence:). Great versions of NaCl & that "mamamamamamamama" song
(for which there will be a video?). The kids had fun,the parents 
smiled approvingly.
 The inbreds did new stuff at the beginning of their set & older 
songs (you will know) at the end...an encore...it was typically 
energetic (the new songs are really good) & the crowd jumped 
adoringly (could have done without the guy in the backwards baseball 
hat who kept hitting me in the nose with its brim:)
 Local celebs in attendance: members of sloan,jale,thrush hermit 
(obviously:),state champs,cool blue halo,rebecca west,burnt black,hush 
(the guy with the *big* blond hair in front of me for the inbreds) & the 
eternally effervescent dusty sorbet:).......heading to scarce right now,kat

PS re ET's purple blue...plans to release on vinyl?