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scarce at birdland!

hmmm, i should really be in bed right now! oh well...
you know? my excitement level was so high toward seeing scarce, i don't 
really remember much besides their set. i didn't even see the last show 
mike catano was gonna do as drummer for mars we love you, as we had to 
run an errand before the scarce part of the show. we got back just in 
time to catch coyote, who are still really good, and tried out a few new 
songs on the audience to a positive response. can anyone else review 
these parts of the show? i was too anxious to see scarce! 
scarce walked out on stage to find a very appreciative audience awaiting 
them. i was sorta scared that chick wouldn't be as energetic, or for that 
matter his eyes wouldn't bulge out in the same eerie fashion as before, 
but they were just as great as ever! they opened the show with 
"glamourous cigarettes", a song that is gonna be on their upcoming cd, 
"deadsexy". soon after, was one of my favorites, "honey simple" which is 
an older song that is finally seeing release on the new album as well! 
they kept the crowd jumping through favorites from the "red" ep like 
"days like this" and "dozen" as well as on new songs like "rains of 
kansas" and "freakshadow" (which is off the new album as well, but is an 
older track). then of course, "all sideways" was a big crowd pleaser, 
with even scarce jumping around! 
during their first encore set, they played "scorpion tray" and a very 
spirited version of "something"....then for their *second* encore, they 
came out and played "hope" for a screaming audience. then it was 
over...but only until tomorrow night when they do their acoustic set 
opening for al tuck and rebecca west. i can't wait!