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Re: scarce at birdland!

- "all sideways" has got to be the best pogo song
   by any band, ever.
- i guess quite a few of the songs they did last
  night are ones that they haven't done live many
  times.  sometimes you could tell that.  still
  an amazing set considering the number of such
  songs that they did play.  
- i was surprised that joyce doesn't seem to be
  singing much on the new songs, other than some
  pretty standard harmony stuff.  that's kind of
  a drag.
- i don't remember ever seeing a more enthusiastic
  audience at birdland.
- there ought to be a municipal bylaw stating that
  kyle shaw is not allowed within 30 feet of the
  birdland stage.  does he not know what an obstacle
  he is to the view?  does he think he can't see from
  the back of the dance floor?  he must be, like,
  eight feet tall or something!  :-)
- i thought the coyote set was fabulous.  the order
  of the set was really well chosen.  the songs seemed
  to get progressively more intense over the course
  of the set, culminating with "the lynching bee",
  during which you could see joyce from scarce bopping
  along to the song and giving the thumb-up to greg
  clark.  the two new songs are excellent already.
- yup, mike catano's stint with mars we luv you is
  over as of last night.  now they go in search of
  drummer number four.  :-)


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