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it figures

why is it whenever bands actually make the trip to Windsor I either 
got no money or something comes up...latest point is Rebecca West is 
coming on the 26th...although I've only heard a couple of songs I'm 
really pumped and excited...and what do I have to do...win a trip to 
ottawa from the 24-26...probably missing them in what'll probably be 
their only Windsor appearance this year (I'm a skeptic...try living 
here for a bit and musically you will too)...oh well...thankfully the 
Inbreds are in the next week and I'm pumped to see them...gotta 

Forever Green,


ps-if anyone from Ottawa or who know the area can tell me any cool 
places to go on Wed and Thurs. nites it would be greatly 
appreciated...me and my roomie have no idea where to go out once we're 
there...email me privately...thanks