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Re: Laurenmce

On Sat, 20 Jan 1996, colin mackenzie wrote:

> His studio is great not huge but just right. The only com[plaint I have 
> heard is that his drum sound is at times too big.
the drum problem is more likely the result of bands coming in with no
idea of how they want their drums to sound.  they sort of say "whatever"
and then lordo goes with what he knows (which is full on rock).  if you,
like coyote did, give him a pile of cds to listen to and say "we like 
this sound
that sound, that sound, etc." then he is good enough to achieve the 
sounds you
want, or at least soudns that are reasonably close.  i think plumtree's 
would be the best example of a band with no real idea of what they want to 
sound like, and as a result you get a sort of random melange of 
production on all the tracks, with no real cohesiveness to it.  the songs 
are good but the production is really innapropriate for the most part.  

because of this sort of problem occuring pretty frequently with young 
indie rock bands, a sort of rep builds up that "laurence can't record 
drums right," which is total crap.  it's just that people don't tend to 
actually think about what they're doing before they record, and they're 
not paying for a producer, so they end up with a record they're not happy 
with. it's gotten to the point now whrere i've heard of bands recording 
their drums on dinky cassette 4-tracks ahead of time and bringing them to 
the studio to use as the drum tracks on their recordings.  not only is 
this just in general a dumb idea, it's also pretty insulting.