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Re: i WANT to get on the sloan net..

Kendra? Kandra? <ummikul0\!/cc.UManitoba.CA> noted

}On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
}> PS Folks gots to learn when to write thangs personal-like instead o' 
}> broadcastin'!
}p.s people need to learn that humans do err and sometimes send 
}things to the whole list by ACCIDENT..that's why they call them that 

Yeah, everybody does it at least once.  I recall James writing a cute 
little letter to his fiancee (hunnybunny) and posting it here, that 
was loads of fun.

I was just making the point that most people have sufficiently 
complex mail software that they can easily choose what addresses to 
send to, but they still screw up occasionally.  Usually with 
interesting results.

Just to give this post a purpose, anybody know a good highschool 
band in Halifax?  Now that Thrush Hermit and Plumtree are all grown 
up, I'm wondering who's carrying on the torch?  Who are the "house 
bands" at Cafe Ole?  I must be getting old, because I only ever see 
the bands who've been at it in one form or another for 5-10 years.  
Someone recommend me some fresh blood.