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Lousy and other stuff

>On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Jordan S. Charlestein wrote:

>....and about the "lousy" tape tara was talking about? keep your eyes 
>open, because some of it is also gonna make it onto a 7" from sappy.
>get it when it comes out, the demo tape is awesome! 

just like to know, whut does lousy sound like? if u could describe it.. 

another thing, did anyone in the toronto area catch the local rabbits
tonight at the horseshoe? how was it? I heard they opened for the
rheostatics or something..

one last thing, I hear the inbreds are playing this month on the 26th at
the rivoli.. all-ages I believe.. thought I'd pass that along.. thassit..
we now return u to yer regularly scheduled programming (the style file ;))..