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my two cents on _purple blue_/eric's trip

hey, this is great.  we're actually having a 
discussion of an actual east-coast record/band.
what a fabulous idea!

personally, i really love the new, more
sophisticated, less whiny, eric's trip.  :-)
i was never really much into the "soap opera"
aspects of the band anyway, although i love
that "soon, coming closer" song on the new
one.  it's not that the band has fundamentally
changed their sound -- it's just that they're
writing more mature songs.  and as for the
production, well, let me just say that i
always found the mix on _forever again_
um, unsatisfactory.  i really love mark's
drumming, so for me it's nice to be able
to hear it clearly and really feel it.

i can understand why some people who are
more into the lo-fi recording thing would
be a bit let down.  ditto for those who
like the band best when they are at their
most introspective (self-absorbed?).

for me this is easily the best 
eric's trip record yet.

i'm told by those who are much more 
obsessive about the band than i am,
that "eyes shut" is definitely a julie
song.  i guess she does it as broken girl.
i bet that rick did the rock version
arrangement though.  i agree with joel,
it pales by comparison to "happens all
the time" and is probably the weakest

i'm pretty sure that "girlfriend" on
_forever again_ is a rick song.  isn't
there a video for it (that i've never
seen) featuring rick chasing tara through
the woods or something?  and didn't he
sing that song when he was on the wedge
one time?


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