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a few words from mark gaudet.

just thought i'd pass along a few highlights from my interview
with eric's trip's drummer last week...


JC: Do you think this record is going to change how people see the
band, since it's less of a, you know, "lo-fi" recording? 

MG: No, it's still shitty old sounding Eric's Trip.  *laughs*  So
it's pretty cool and all that.  We haven't really, you know, made
it a big super-sonic-soundscape thing, so it's pretty well as drab
as the others, so that's kinda cool.  I don't think it's going to
get airplay from anything major; it'll still be slotted in its "lo-
fi underground" thing anyway.  

JC: I heard this story that Rick discovered the benefits of low-end
bass when he bought a new stereo.  Is that true?

MG: Well, yeah, on this new album we were supposed to start off the
album with a song called "New Speakers."  The lyrics of that song
kind of celebrated the new-found low things ... once he got the new
speakers he wanted to make the new album slightly more bottom-end than
the older ones, so that was a bit of influence on him.

JC: I always liked the intimate sound of those 4-track records and
8-track records or whatever, but the thing I like about this (new
one) so far, having heard it a couple of times, is just getting
that booming sound like you expect at an Eric's Trip show.  

MG: Yeah, a little more bottom-end.  I was kinda adamant on that
when we were recording, that we could fill in and not be all mid-
to-high, like some of the older ones were.  It's nice to have a
little bit of something to ride on and feel.

JC: I know there's been rumours about Eric's Trip breaking up and
just going their own ways with the side projects.  Do you see that
happening now?

MG: It's hard to say.  That rumour's been going around for a long
time.  It's funny, I know Rick wants to work a lot more with his
wife in Elevator to Hell.  Every time we do something with Eric's
Trip, I'm kinda wondering how close we are to the end, and trying
to enjoy ever little bit of it.  'Cause there's been a bit of a
cloud looming.  I'd like to see Eric's Trip last for another year
and a half, but I just don't know if that will be a possibility.

JC: Is this the last record for the contract with Sub Pop?

MG: No, there's one more, that's why I'd like to keep going for
another year and a half, for sure.  

JC: What are Thee Suddens up to?

MG: They were rumoured to have played their last gig in December,
but I don't think that's going to be true because they did some
recording for a project that's coming out, "Friends of the
Petitcodiac Marsh."  It's a compilation that'll be coming out this
spring -- it'll include Eric's Trip and all the local bands.  Thee
Suddens did that and I think they might have got rejuvenated with
some new life, so hopefully they're not going to break up just yet.

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