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Re: Eric's Trip who writes the songs

Jordan S. Charlestein writes:

>  I think that you attributed to chris a lot of Rick songs.  At least a 
> couple on each albnum sounded wrong (i.e. girfriend + one floor below).  
> And i know for sure that Rick wrote Blinded (at least, I'm pretty sure, 
> yeah, I'm sure).  I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote eyes shut also.

Blinded and Eyes Shut I wasn't sure on but what I based my assment on was 
that they are similar it still to Five Year Old Girlfriend which is 
definately a Julie song.  I thought Blinded could be a Rick song too but 
gave the benifit of the doubt to Julie.  I think when forever again came 
out some said Girlfriend was a Chris song, as for One Floor Below it 
sounds like a "love gone wrong" song that Rick sings about not wanting to 
write anymore hence I attributed it to Chris.

What I would like to see is someone, or maybe a few people go over my 
list and "correct" the songs they think are wrong and repost it.  I have 
done most of the work now...

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