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Re: Eric's Trip - NOTES from Stereo Mountain

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Jordan S. Charlestein wrote:

>  Someone sjould really talk to et and get tehm to rerelease this single.  
> I think it might not even be eric'strip, just solo rick.  It is really 
> really amazing.  Probably my favorite single of theirs, and the packaging 
> and everything are just so incredble it's a shame so few of us have it.  

i dunno if he can now that sub pop has released it (joyce?)
i *do* know that he was supposed to release it himself a long time ago, 
and i even remember there being adverts for it on posters, and at one 
point, adam rodenhiser had even paid for one in advance, but it never got 
released by sappy, and it probably won't see reissue.

> How many copies are there acually?  

i heard 1000.

> Anyway, it's cool that something so good was given away for free.  

yup! it's awesome!