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Happy thoughts

    Hey, I haven't posted anything for a while and so things have 
finally bubbled up inside of me until I just can't take it anymore.
    First off, the Naked in The Marsh 10" (note it is 10"s) should 
still be at Room 201 in Moncton.  It's a really nice dark green vinyl 
with surprisingly incredible sound and has songs by ET-Sickness (which 
is an amazing song), Purple Knight-Louie at the Store (cool too), 
Badluck #13-I never really liked you anyway, and then some songs 
which I can't remember the titles but are by Front Porch, Syntax 
Error and Idee du Nord.  If you want a copy of this or at least find 
out if there is one or two left your best bet would be to email my 
pal and fellow sloanetter Marc Richard and ask him about purchasing 
and stuff.
    Two, is anyone able to or were planning on making a bootleg copy 
of the Inbreds show tonight.  I was superhyped to come down and see 
them and Scarce this weekend but a lack of cash has left me stranded 
in Wolfville and going to see the Wall tonight.
    Three, can anyone else tell me what Lawrence Currie has produced 
other than this supposed new Sloan album (I'm not confirming it's 
existence until I have a copy in my hand)?
    Four, I thought the fashion debate was cute until someone 
mentioned the Monoxides pleasing visual appearance.  Um, no.  Those 
stupid 666 t-shirts and the throng of teen angst ridden youths who do 
that devil finger sign dealiebob make any show in which they play 
horrible to watch. 
    You can find my name on the tail of my shirtily yours,
    Paul Landry
ps.  About the best of '96 my top three albums were: 1)the 6ths-Wasps 
Nest, 2)Yo La Tengo-Electropura and 3)Railroad Jerk-One Track Mind.