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Re: Eric's Trip who writes the songs

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Jordan S. Charlestein wrote:

>  I think that you attributed to chris a lot of Rick songs.  At least a 
> couple on each albnum sounded wrong (i.e. girfriend + one floor below).  
> And i know for sure that Rick wrote Blinded (at least, I'm pretty sure, 
> yeah, I'm sure).  I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote eyes shut also.

actually, i'm almost positive julie wrote "eyes shut". i saw her perform 
that as broken girl almost a year ago, and at the time, she said she 
wasn't sure if she was going to use it with eric's trip or not. same 
with "soon, coming closer".

....and about the "lousy" tape tara was talking about? keep your eyes 
open, because some of it is also gonna make it onto a 7" from sappy.
get it when it comes out, the demo tape is awesome!