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woo woo..

hey there..

all this dressing and stlye nonsense... am i gonna have to update the ole 
25 rules of rock from days of yore..?

everyone who is anyone knows that style is half the battle ... look at 
england for god sakes!! theyve got the most stylin ands on the planeent 
and think of how good they are too!! is there a coincidence? i think 
not!!! my theory is that america sort of starts the trend music wise then 
when the bands start getting to ugly the brits come over and show us how 
its done!!...

look at the evidence:

aerosmith ugly ...zeplin ... beautiful...
beatles a class act... guided by voices 

just look at oasis and not much more needs to be said... and of course te 
final nail in the american coffin.. all that was bowie and all that is 
suede!!!! wooooo hot stuff... 

so hear are some updates for the ole rules list ... please adhere if you 
know whatts good for you!!!

1: tight pants (on guys ;) ) ... like trowbrige so elequentlystated many 
a band has been done in by ball crushing pants... so watch out!!

2: stickers on guitars .... yes it does affect how they sound!! 
especially when the stickers cover the entire guitar... if you want to 
here the tonal effect check out green day and the offspring... sticker 
tone baby...

3. the stash... handlebars or not the stash is up there with the mullet 
in the anals of lame fashion.. who looks god with one i challenge you to 
find an example of a hot dude with a stash!! 

4. names.... if a member (particularly drummer or singer ) as a name 
ending in Rocket, rock, blaze or mars kick him out right away !! 
especially if the two names begin the sae ie: ricky rocket.. mick mars... 

5: gimmic band names... she stole my bear, hootie and the blow fish, toad 
the wet sprocket, neds atomic dustbin, rainbow butmonkeys... what more 
needs to be said?

6: leather

7: unison stage moves.. namely planed ones ... unless your kiss cut it 
out.. even if you want to be kiss dont bother try!!...

8: ripping off logos from other sources this has already been discussed.. 
but particularly be wary if the band has a logo that looks like it should 
be on a skate board or on the wu tang clans bus.. 

9: silver clothes.. this is gonna be the leather of the nineties.. all 
this glitter shit.. all that glitters is not gold...

and the really doozy the most important one to avoid!!!

10: SOS ..... SHORTS ON STAGE.... woooo what a stlye disaster 
there...unless your already in a skate rock band why would you want to 
look like one? a true sign of a band with style is ythat even if the club 
is 600 degrees and everyone is down to tank tops and soccer shorts the 
band plays in jeans or better yet courds!! yeah... look at style leaders 
blur.. its hot theyre sweatin ... theyre dying... theyre wearing parkas 
!!! yeah thats the way to go.... all that sweat keeps you thin and i 
believe fat people and rock was addressed in the first list.... 

there you have it ten more to add to the ole infamous rules of rock ...

be seeing you