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Does Purple Blue suck?

Hi!  This is a question for anyone with the Purple Blue album:  Does it suck as 
Corey B. says?  I'm getting it tommorow (regardless), and from what I've
heard, it sounds pretty good.
I've heard:  Eyes Shut, Soon Coming Closer, Sun Coming Up, Introductions Parts 
One and Two, Universal Dawn, Alone and Annoyed, and Now a Friend.  Universal
Dawn seems to be the one that hasn't grown on me yet, but besides that it
sounds great!  
        It's not that I'm a die-hard fan who will like anything they
release, but I am a die-hard fan who believes ET couldn't release anything
        I disagree with Corey when he says Forever Again is the best song
they've ever wrote.  For being slow, despite how personal the song is, it
doesn't beat Sand.  Haze is probably my fav at the moment.

I just find it really hard to believe that Purple Blue could be that awful.
Please, give it to me straight!
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