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Re: Does Purple Blue suck?

Well, maybe in cory's mind it does suck, but i have no idea why he would 
think that. i don't think there is one bad song on there, "universe" 
"eyes shut" "universal dawn" "between my ribs" "alone and 
annoyed"....these are all some of the best eric's trip songs i've ever 
heard and the production on them really brings out the rumbling sort of 
noisy sound they always had.

I could go on at length on the merits of each individual song, but 
really, who cares. buy/borrow the album and make up your own mind. it 
doesn't suck at all, i don't know what kind of glue cory sniffs :) but i 
would recommend switching to sharpie markers....

anyway, i have a really weird sort of story to share. yesterday i talked 
to rick and tara for about 90 minutes and the whole conversation was 
really eye opening and interesting. 

when i woke up this morning, i popped in the tape and thought i'd start 
transcribing the interview. haha. it didn't tape. i'm not exactly a 
technical GENIUS but both james, my editor, and i know how to record 
phone interviews. the levels were fine, it was giving all the signs of 
the words being recorded, just like in the millions of other phone 
interviews we do here.

it just didn't record. i was somewhat crushed, especially since press 
deadline is wednesday. so james, the lovely editor, calls up france at 
subpop to reschedule another interview. 

then she says the freaky part is that this is not the first interview 
they've done for this album's promotion that has turned out like this. 
wooOOOOooooOOOOoo....ghosts in the machine...

lots of times in the conversation, rick would talk about spirits in the 
woods and the spooky haunted house across from his first apartment which 
is on the cover of the gordon street haunting and he says in the photo, 
he can still see ghosts. 

things are just plain old weird.

and once more, let me just state that _purple blue_ is really amazing and 
beautiful and moving. a while ago when people were talking about colours 
and eric's trip artwork and stuff, people seemed intrigued with the name 
_purple blue_. i didn't ask rick about it, but he kept talking about how 
_forever again_ was a window, and _purple blue_ is going further through 
the window so you're really far out in the universe. and he talked about 
how when you look up at the sky in the middle of the night in the 
rockies, the colours and things in the sky are really fascinating and 
spooky. maybe that's what purple blue is sort of about. the colours of 
the night sky, of the universe. 

sorry this is so long, but once you get me started on eric's trip, i just 
never shut up....