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Re: Oh, anything other than videos, clothing.

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, James Rocchi wrote:

>         1) Why Canadian A&R can't sign anything better than Varga/Rainbow
> Butt Monkeys;
>                 But foreign companies scoop Inbreds, Weeping Tile, Jale,
> Hardship Post, treble
>                  charger.... ?

us labels offer better deals.  the have more money to play around with, 
cdn labels can't seem to market their way out of a greasy fish and chips bag.

>                 ? Speaking of which, why the F**K did Thrush Hermit do that
> Descendents album
>                  with the whack of nobodies on it ? I don't exactly think
> Thrush Hermit when I think
>                  "Short, explosive, Power-Punk-Pop", do you ? Why do the

i) thrush hermit were born and bred on descendants.  early th sets were 
littered with descendants covers. (eg, coolidge, good good things...)

ii) pavement are hardly nobodies.  thrush hermit, in the grand scheme of 
things, are.  there were some good bands on that album.  

iii)TH got shafted with one of the crappiest descendants songs of all: "ace"