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Re: Trike

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, Margie Borschke wrote:

> I'm sure this was discussed BM (Before Me=when I was Sloannet poor) BUT
> could I get the LoDown on Trike.  Who?  

mel todd scott gerard. most or all are apparently or were at one time on 
sloan net. hey you guys!! pay attention....

formerly in the quahogs, chaz rules, cool blue halo, and lots of other 
junk. if that means anything to anyone.

> Where?


> Label?

campfire. their own.

> Any sound clips on tyhe WWW?

i can't answer this one. they have a six song s/t EP out on compact disc. 
it's good (in my opinion, maybe not in others) guitar oriented pop with 
alternating boy/girl vocals. that sounds sorta dumb, i guess, they're all 
in their mid to late 20's i think. :)  fun stickers, too.

> Pardon my ignorance.

no no. it's *good* to ask questions, how else will you learn anything? at 
least that's what my mom always said. sometimes i think people might be 
afraid to ask questions here in case some of the MEANIES :) flame them. 
bah, who cares about those old guys anyway... :)

in related news, jon's new rules of rock are the coolest thing to be 
posted here in months. :)