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tara s'appart cassete,andotherstuff

--just wondering, a while ago someone posted an address for the tara
s'appart cassette,  well, could someone please repost the address, and how
much it costs?

--whoever was talking about the Naked in the Marsh 7"--how could i get it,,

--HEY!! buy murderscene#2, you'll like it!, fun filled interviews with
jale,superfriendz,localrabitts, FREE stickers!, the much awaited sequel to
Sloan Wars--Sloan Stikes Back,etc.etc..$3,each issue includes hanydandy,
real actual murderecords catalogue,,,email for infomania!

oh, by the way, the REAL reason sloan are recording a new album is to make
our comiclike trilogy complete, hence-THE RETURN OF THE SLOAN,
your welcome

bye bye
joey joey
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