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Eric's Trip who writes the songs

I know James had a listing of who wrote the songs on Purple Blue but it 
got to my mail box right before my mail server crashed and I lost it  so 
I typed up my own guesses at who wrote each song on the htree albums and 
would appericate getting feedback from other people.  I can't tell who 
wrote what song most of the time, matter of fact in one of the reviews 
someone posted it refered to "Now a Friend" as a Rick song when it is in 
fact a Chris song/..  Also from talking to otther people I know there are 
more people than just me that are confused.  Anyways here is my list, 
probally mostly wrong too.

Love Tara

Behind the Garage - Rick
Anytime you want - Rick
Stove - Rick
Follow - Rick
Secret for Julie - Julie
Belly - Rick
Sunlight - Chris
June - Chris
To know them - Chris
Spring - Rick
Frame - Chris
may 11 - Rick 
My Room - Rick
Blinded - Julie
Allergic to Love - Rick

Forever Again

New Love - Rick
This Way Out - Rick
About You - Julie
Girlfriend - Chris
Always There - Chris
Stupidest Thing - Rick
December '93 - Rick
Thoroughly - Chris
My Bed is Red - Rick
View Master - Rick
Cloudy - Chris
My Chest is Empty - Rick
Run Away - Chris
Waiting All Day - Rick
Let Go - Mark
Hate Song - Rick
Feeling Around - Chris
Forever Again - Rick

Purple Blue
Intro - [Chris,Julie,Rick, Mark]
Hourly - Chris
Sixteen Hours - Rick
Universe - Rick
Eyes Shut - Julie
Alone and Annoyed - Chris
Lighthouse - Rick
Spaceship Opening - Rick
Universal Dawn - Chris
One floor below - Chris
Not a Friend - Chris
Soon Coming Closer - Julie
Not Yours - Rick
Sun Coming Up - Rick
Beach - Rick

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