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Superfriendz in Eye Critics' Poll

Eye Magazine, a Toronto weekly, named Superfriendz' "Mock Up..." as #9 in 
their albums of the year, and "10 lbs" as #14 in their singles of the 
year category. The critics' poll is based on input from critics across 
the country, so they should be proud.

Memo to Stockhausen: get the Superfriendz a new press photo. The "hanging 
out in the alley watching Matt take his jacket off" shot is getting a 
little tired.

by the way, the photo was captioned "STYLISH Sloan successors make good."

					- ct
PS It was pretty disappointing to see the lack of Canadian representation 
(Alanis notwithstanding) in the rest of the Eye list. Aw, well, everybody 
knows rock critics don't know shit.