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Re: why Purple Blue rocks

  I agree that Purple Blue is pale (n pun) in comparison to forever 
again.  I think that is one of the greatest albums of all times, an it 
probably won't be topped even by those who made it.  Every band has to 
have a best album and a worst album, but with great bands, even their 
worst albums are great albums on their on merit.  Eric's trip has the 
problem of having to be compared to theiur previous music which is just 
too damn good.
   Looking at purple blue on its own (not counting whether I was 
'dissapoited' because I wanted another forver again), I think it is 
great.  Then songs all rock, and the lyrics are great, too.  
I would be a happy man if all albums released this year would be as good 
a purple blue, but I know that almost all will fall short of that.

Sure I 
some that I like more than others at the moment, and some that I like 
less, but I'm begginning to see that from song to song tastes vary 
incredibly.  Some of the songs I love I've seen posted as the album duds, 
soem I don't like much are being hailed, oh well, who cares.  But this is 
a really great album, better, perhaps, if it is your first exposure to 
et, then there is no where to go bvut up.  

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