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Re: why Purple Blue sucks so badly

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

 Chris has 
> started to mature as a song writer and has really started to steal the 
> spotlight from Rick, matter of fact had I received the Moosokcet Sub Pop 
> 7" before the end of 95 I would have placed it in a tie with best east 
> coast ep for the yea well ahead of ETH's Forward to Snow.

I don't think its a question of "stealing the spotlight."  I don't 
believe being in a band is some sort of a competition--"hey my songs 
turned out better than yours." If this is the case, then its a band that 
won't last long; and a band that has to seriously re-examine their group 
dynamics.  If Chris happens to be writing better songs, it will improve 
the band as a whole, and Rick is probably only happy about that.  More 
spotlight for everybody.