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the loft, last saturday

last friday(?) i posted about a show that was happening at the loft this 
past saturday.  i had assumed it was a drinking show and the price 
was 5$ but there were in fact 2 shows and the price was only 3$.  
cool.  anyways i went to the all ages show, and this is the review. 

7:15 draize eye test
this was the first time i had seen these guys in awhile.  this was also
the premiere of ritche perez on lead axe.  the sound, first off, sucked. 
sound guy lee tizzard should stick to UFOs. when people complain about
sound i usually don't care but on this night it was annoying.  draize eye
test, i recently discovered, are recording REALLY soon and will be
releasing a CD.  unofficial word is that chris batstone(?) from DRIVE will
produce, or engineer, as some weiners insist it be called.  well, the
sound sucked and the music was less than entertaining, but i have never
gotten in to DET, even in the beginning.  my personal opinion is that they
are a more studio oriented band.  they did a cover but i wasn't listening
to hear what it was and didn't recognize it either.  it was also too loud
but i guess that would be the case when you're sitting directly in front
of a p.a.  speaker.  if anyone is interested as to what they sound like,
kind of a cross between skinny puppy and new FLA. 

7:45 JKW

this is the only time i have ever seen these guys and not enjoyed them.  
no. 1 problem:  the sound.  their first song("sally may") sounded like an 
instrumental bass number.  and it was sooo loud it hurt my chest.  no.2 
problem: mark green was rushing the boyz to get ready and they hardly had 
time to set up, and using others' amps they failed to get cool settings 
and everything sounded all PLOINKY.  i wish they hadn't played because it 
was almost nauseating.  their one new song was cool though, all mellow 
and loungey.  me likey.

8:20  the liz band

i haven't seen these guys play in soooo long.  kind of refreshing.  nice
to see they've actually written new material.  they played one new
song(their last one) that sounded like LUBA, or more accurately, what i
think luba sounded like.  but liz and co. don't carry the same energy that
they did before they subtracted marcel and paul(who always seemed like
kindov a dick) in my very humble opinion.  but there's nothin' like
hearing the "paint my belly baby" song to make you feel happy. 

9:00 mark green blues band

after taking close to 5X as long as everyone else to suit up, mgbb began 
their long set.  they play straight ahead blues with john fogerty on 
vocals.  i have heard better but this was not bad by any means.  i just 
don't find mark green very exciting, there's no edge to it.  i don't mean 
distortion, cause i think robert johnson and ben harper have edge but 
mgbb don't have, well...soul.  it was fun to watch him solo behind his 
back/guitar lying on floor, but i'd rather see SRV(r.i.p.) anyday.

that's all fucks,