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Re: Plumtree rockin the land...

> > people should care..'cause they are amazing
> > 

> actually, just to set the record straight, i really like what they're 
> doing. To play bass for Plumtree is whole lotta fun, plus, i mean i'm 
> surround by women, what could make any man more happy. youppi!

Do you exude the air of total enjoyment of the rest of the band,
during shows?

> Unfortunatly, i shouldn't be holding this job for too long because 
> there is allready some talking going on with someone to fill up the 
> bass instrumentation. Someone for the long term kinda thing. I'm more 

Why isn't there a "regular" bass player?  I've been on here for a few
weeks, and this is the first Plumtree discussion that's come up.  We
don't get much info here, since I'm not in the Halifax area.