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Re: Plumtree rockin the land...

> people should care..'cause they are amazing

actually, just to set the record straight, i really like what they're 
doing. To play bass for Plumtree is whole lotta fun, plus, i mean i'm 
surround by women, what could make any man more happy. youppi!
Unfortunatly, i shouldn't be holding this job for too long because 
there is allready some talking going on with someone to fill up the 
bass instrumentation. Someone for the long term kinda thing. I'm more 
like a replacement kinda thing. Maybe you could compare me mr. murphy 
drummin for the Superfriendz kinda thing, if this isn't too 
presomptuous(sp?). Actually, it's not like i was there when they recorded.
So there you go, i still don't know if i'll be of the spring break tour 
with them. But it's not like it should be of any concern to anybody 
if i'm there or not. I'm no big shit or else. I don't get it.
But if you ask me, i'll rock your ass off like you never had before! :-)
Rock = good clean fun.

ho well...