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Fashion notes

Some Fashion notes from the desk of the Helen Gurley Brown (who is a *huge*
Sloan fan.  You didn't know?  She wrote the book on  being discreet.):

At 2:04 AM 1/17/96, C. Trowbridge wrote:
>My only problem with
>the Jam is that they have this totally cool mod style happening, their
>suits are cool, their shoes are cool, etc. and the bass player Bruce
>Foxton (I think) has the worst hockey haircut mullet you've ever seen.

Sorry doll, but can we have a fashion history moment.  The Jam were
recording in the late seventies/early eighties.  That short at the front,
long at the back thang had its moment in the sun before it became  the
NHL's official do.  (Course that would be sans any spikey stuff. )  So they
were retro to begin with and now their retro retro.  The hair anachronism
is to be expected.

At 10:01 AM 1/17/96, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:
> Thrush Hermit, worst clothing
>combinations ever seen on gangly 20 year old boys.

Must disagree.  The first time I saw these guys play, their fashion schitck
was glaringly obvious.  My friend and I decided that blondie/ singer boy
was sporting the "ritalin poster boy who cleaned the sexy neighbour lady's
pool in X eighties teen comedy" look.  Some looks just scream at you ya
know?.  Sure the other singer boy was doing that oh so heroin, Studied
Insouciance (TM) bit but they made it work.  As for retro, those boys are
soaking in it.

Thinking about laundry,

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