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Re: "i bet you don't have to be a fashion pussy in dartmout

> Date:          Wed, 17 Jan 1996 16:05:25 -0400 (AST)
> From:          Phreek Boy <FDGALLANT\!/Upei.ca>
> Subject:       Re: "i bet you don't have to be a fashion pussy in dartmout
> To:            whatEVER <jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca>
> Cc:            whatEVER <jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca>
> Priority:      normal

>     All this talk about the way the musicians we know look 
> well....I'll just have to tell this little story...My older sis who 
> has....reletively good taste in music...(Except for that once 
> she bought a Kenny G Cd cause it was the style at the time!!!)
> Anyway, where was I...oh yeah...Big sis was watching much music one 
> day and the Superfriendz video for 10lbs came on and she said, "Oh my 
> god Deryl come look at this repulsive freak".....yup...Matt murphy.  
> She gets sick everytime she thinks about him.  Anyway I thought that 
> was kinda funny.  

you could ask nstar who knows probably more than anybody here about 
psychology, but ho well personnaly i think you Big sis is in fact 
totaly attracted to Matt. First Matt is cutie. Secondo he dress 
very thight in some-might-say wierd kinda way. 
The conclusion : this dressing freaks her out. The juice is loose in 
a way that makes her feel strange, freakish, weird; in her mind she's 
not suppose to like those kinda guy. this is not right. she is 
supposed to like mr. right who dress right like mr jock frat biz guy, 
she thinks. THEN she feels repulse, she feels repulse of herself in 
fact. she thinks : not me, not him! but she keep on thinking about 
him. And then at night, she can not go to sleep. but what can she do 
about it, she think. nothing but masturbate. she tries to exorcise 
it. but no, there is nothing she can do. In her dream Matt is there, 
dressed up with a toge, and he say : "come to daddy, come to daddy". 
but that's an other story...ho well, later, yAn

>       A question....Does it really matter what clothes a person is 
> wearing when they play....I mean does it really change the way they 
> play.....Do stickers on a guitar change the way it sounds???  I 
> think...negitive!!   Who cares!  That's my apathetic splurge for the 
> day....well geez..I guess it's for the month...I havn't posted in 
> sooo long.   So how's the fuckin' weather?  (It wouldn't be the same 
> if I didn't swear, eh?)
>      Deryl;